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Satisfy all of your Industrial Skills training & maintenance needs right here. Our exceptionally large curriculum has been developed by subject matter experts with field and educational experience within each discipline. We offer hundreds of short courses for  $20 each.  We welcome  company inquiries and specialize in corporate sales.

Industrial Skills Training Curriculum

Here at OnlineSchoolRoom we have an excellent reputation concerning   using  innovation and   eLearning solutions that apply  the latest advances in technology to bring current and relevant courses to the  public. We have focused on providing eLearning solutions to  business professionals throughout the United States.  OnlineSchoolRoom and 360training have joined forces to provide online education (and continuing education) for a variety of industries  We are dedicated to providing  courses in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner possible.   The courses are user-friendly and cost a fraction of a traditional classroom course. Some traditional classrooms may take  weeks and cost hundreds more. In addition, students can log on or off at any time during the course and are able to log on from any computer. Our work continually reflects our commitment to excellence and our products are designed to really  make a difference.
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Instrumentation & Control Series
Intro to I&C    
Process Measurement    
Programmable Logic Controllers    
Process Analyzers    

Mechanical Series
Bearing Maintenance   
Industrial Hydraulic Fundamentals    
Industrial Pneumatics Fundamentals    
Lubrication Concepts    
Mechanical Transmission Systems    
Pipes and Pipefitting    
Precision Measuring Instruments    
Shaft Alignment    
Static and Dynamic Sealing    
Valve Fundamentals     
Welding Fundamentals    

Foundation Series  
Overview of Industrial Facility Systems
Print Reading 

Electrical Series 
Motor and Motor Control
Variable Frequency Drives
Circuit Protection

Combined Cycle Series
Heat Recovery Steam Generators    
Steam Turbines    
Balance of Plant   
Electrical Power Generation Distribution    
Power Plant Efficiency    
Combined Cycle Fundamentals    
Gas Turbine   

Industrial Electricity and Electronics
DC Circuits                      
AC Circuits    
Motors and Servos    
Power Supplies    
Digital Electronics    
Work Practices    
Basic Electricity Principles    
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Industrial organizations face the challenge of meeting the skill development needs of their staff to ensure they are working safer, faster and more effectively. Regular training is essential to reduce accidents, increase productivity and to improve the bottom line. Online SchoolRoom Industrial Skills provides customized training solutions to industrial organizations that rely on us to achieve operational excellence. We’re focused on supplying the manufacturing and continuous process industries with  training courses in the professional disciplines of plant operations, maintenance and safety.

All courses follow strict instructional design protocols that ensure employees understand relevant theories, plant processes, equipment and component operations, and standard operating procedures that are necessary to safely and successfully perform job duties. Our range of flexible and customizable delivery options, including a web-based learning management system   ensures that your organization is receiving training content in a way that best supports operational goals.

With on-demand training courses designed by authoritative experts, Online SchoolRoom delivers immediate and cost-effective educational solutions that improve your industry knowledge and fulfill your CE requirements.

Reasons to choose Online SchoolRoom
24x7 anytime, anywhere accessibility of job-critical online training
Quality instructional content validated by  industry experts
Interactive multimedia courses to keep learners engaged, not bored
Cutting-edge management technologies that drive bottom line success
Dedicated customer support, 7-days per week

We are a proven leader in breaking through the regulatory barriers of course approval among both federal and state regulatory bodies. Our innovative e-Learning technology adheres to strict standards recognized by regulators across the United States to provide assurance that seat time, mastery and authentication issues are being met.

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Foundation skills - Basic industrial skills, Safety  skills, Math skills, basic tools, maintenance skills, computer skills, print reading 

Combined cycle  - power training, combined cycle power plant,combined cycle plants, steam generators, steam turbines, electrical power plants, power plant efficency, gas turbine training

Electrical skills training,  - Motor Control training, Variable Frequency Drives, Circuit Protection, Transformers

Mechanical skills training,  - online mechanical courses , mechanical fundamentals, mechanical transmission systems

Industrial instrumentation online training,  instruments & multimeters online training, oscilloscope online training, thermometers online training, calibrators online training, manometers, megohmmeters, programmable logic controllers online training, DAC online training, signal transmission online training and analytical instruments online classes

Industrial electricity courses,  - industrial electronics courses, direct current courses, alternating current courses,   motor control online courses, transformer courses, power supplies courses, semiconductors courses, digital electronics training